Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) is a theory in mathematics education that is stresses from human activity and something real in student life. There’s five characteristics in RME : (1) use real life contexts, (2) use models as a bridge between abstract and real, (3) use student’s own strategy as a result, (4) interaction between teacher and student, students and students is essential, and (5) Integreted with another topics. Teachers RME should be creative to create some material, he should know how to use material, how to conduct the class and how to conduct assessment in RME.

RME materials is aim at five characteristics. When a teacher introduce the materials, teachers should attention some case : first RME materials more than computation, then most of the problems can be solved and explained more than one way, at least give students more opportunities to explain their thinking and understand someone else’s thinking. Successful implementation of RME materials depends on the teacher’s ability to create a climate in which students will be willing to risk thinking in new ways and communicating about their discoveries. For example : We will learn about trapezium, to make the material we can find something that is like trapezium ex: car glass, general phone, etc. we can ask what do you know about the problem? Then based on students responses ask the students : Do you think any these ways might apply to this problem or could you drawing a picture help? Then we can continoue with another question that are reflect to the curriculum. As long discussions don’t forget to give student a chance to communicate their ideas, but we should try to identify those students who have different approaches as a compare. Then the teacher with students are conclude the best answer for the question.

So to get successful implementation of RME materials teachers claim to be creative teachers, he should know how to use material, how to conduct the class and how to conduct assessment in RME at least he should patientce and perseverance.


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